Researchers hope footage of mass stranding on Cheynes Beach could help understand why whales beach themselves

August 3, 2023

Drone footage captured during the recent mass stranding of pilot whales along the south coast of Western Australia could provide valuable insights for marine experts. By studying this footage, scientists hope to gain a better understanding of why these whales, as well as whales in general, become stranded on beaches.

Why are orcas attacking boats and sometimes sinking them?

July 10, 2023

Researchers are still trying to understand why orcas, also known as killer whales, have been ramming boats and even causing some to sink along the Iberian Peninsula. Despite studying these incidents for four years and documenting hundreds of them...

El Niño: how the weather event is affecting global heating in 2023

June 28, 2023

El Niño can cause an increase in global temperatures. The ocean plays a big role in absorbing heat from greenhouse gases that come from burning fossil fuels and other human activities. Normally, during a La Niña event, the ocean does...

Norway proposes opening its waters to deep sea mining, says minerals needed in green transition

June 21, 2023

Norway has announced its plans to open parts of the Norwegian continental shelf for commercial deep sea mining. The move comes as the country seeks new economic opportunities and attempts to reduce its reliance on the oil and gas industry...

With 'Mission: Iconic Reefs', NOAA aims to restore Florida Keys with climate-resilient corals

June 14, 2023

The reefs in the Florida Keys have great economic importance. Each year, millions of tourists spend around $2.4 billion in the area, which supports about half of the local jobs. Therefore, it is crucial to have a smart restoration plan. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary has protected the reefs since 1990. Nonetheless, coral health has continued to decline due to several problems, such as increasing water temperatures, illnesses, and injuries caused by boaters...

Giant saltworks proposal threatens Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo

June 13, 2023

K+S, a German company, wants to build a salt works on Exmouth Gulf's shores, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Society's Protect Ningaloo campaign. The proposed project could harm endangered species and the government's efforts to protect the area. K+S is seeking approval for the mega salt project, which would be built on a vital wetland, before the new Exmouth Gulf protection plan starts. This wetland is home to many threatened species, such as sawfish, turtles, dugongs, shovelnose rays, and migratory shorebirds...